THANK YOU! Thank you for the hospitality extended to me - and my daughters, which was just outstanding! It simply goes to prove my point of the evening banquet - the men of the 127th MP Company are the best of the best the Military Police Corps. has to offer.

The reunion was a complete and total success! You and the other individuals responsible for the event did an outstanding job. The selection of the hotel to the banquet was the finest possible.

When I first accepted your offer to attend, I thought I'd just be an outsider - NAUGHT! The MP Corps is too small to not know someone at an event such as this. Ralph Sanchez and I served in Germany together; and I was Neil Hamiltons "replacement" on Johnson Island; and there were others that our paths had crossed sometime during our service. And of course CPT Dwan-Poole, what a truly wonderful lady - along with her Jarhead husband Carl... not bad for a Marine.

Again, my sincere thanks for including me in your reunion. It was a pleasure to have been a part of the 127th lineage, and to have been a part of this historical event.

Please extend the thanks of Trina and Tracy, along with mine to Nadine for her efforts as well.

Serve, Protect, and Defend!
Chuck McKee, SGM Ret.