The 127th Military Police Co. Vietnam Photo Album web site is dedicated to the memory of Ron Orlando.

Ron was badly wounded the first morning of the 1968 Tet offensive. An enemy bullet went through his neck. He came very close to dying. He was shipped back to the states and spent a long time in Army hospitals.

Ron fell victim to a massive heart attack while marching with his VFW unit in a Memorial Day parade in 2005. He could not be revived. He was a great guy, loved by all who knew him. He is missed.


Ron in 1967


This photo was taken at the 1st reunion in 2000. Ron is on the left and Phil Crittenden on the right. They were both wounded on the same morning. Phil took a bullet in the lower leg.

Ron sent these thoughts in 2000 after the 1st reunion.

About 18 years ago, a caring relative mentioned that an MP group from his school district was getting together for a outing to Atlantic City. He mentioned it, knowing I also serviced as a MP and could possibly be interested. I pondered the idea of actually seeing some of my old buds and decided to investigate farther. I gave my company's number to the relative and said that I would love to know more. I am a proud member of the 127th, see if anybody from my unit is there. Time went by, and I asked him if he had found out anything? He grudging said, these guys were from a Saigon unit and said the 127th did not see the action they went though, so they would not be interested in getting together. Later that evening, I opened my dresser draw looked at my Purple Heart, and took a deep breath.

Now thanks to Dale, and all the other people who made it possible, "I too had a reunion"....

Ron Orlando, Long Island, NY